Our elitePILOT  training programmes and unique training environment provide our customers with a platform to achieve excellence.

By pairing the very best trainees with the industry’s most exciting and prominent Instructors, working within an environment that promotes hard work and development, provides the perfect formula for success.



Our newly certified elitePILOT ™ Airline Readiness Programme is enhanced Multi Crew Co-operation training to Airline Pilot Standards (APS MCC). It is designed to ‘bridge’ pilots from fATPL to first multi-pilot jet type rating and incorporates advanced swept-wing jet handling and airline operations scenario training.

Developed from the ground-up to meet a growing demand for high quality airline ready pilots, our competency-based training programme focuses on developing the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours required to succeed in a fast-paced, safety-critical environment.

Duration: 16 training days

Theory: 43 Hours

FTD: 38 Hours

FFS: 2 Hours

PRICE: £5,995 + vat


22nd April – 3rd May (MCC/JOC)

6th May – 11th May (APS add-on)

13th May – 24th May (MCC/JOC)

27th May – 1st Jun (APS add-on)

3rd Jun – 14th Jun (MCC/JOC)

24th Jun – 29th Jun (APS add-on)

1st Jul – 12th Jul (MCC/JOC)

15th Jul – 20th Jul (APS add-on)

22nd Jul – 2nd Aug (MCC/JOC)

5th Aug – 10th Aug (APS add-on)

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Basic MCC Training Including Jet Orientation (B737)

Our elitePILOT™ multi crew co-operation course meets the basic EASA requirements for MCC. It is scheduled on our B737-800W simulator and therefore incorporates jet orientation. The course maximises manual jet handling and raw data flying, therefore providing the best preparation for airline assessment and first type rating.

Duration: 10 Days

Theory: 33 Hours

FTD: 20 Hours

FFS: 0 Hours

PRICE: £3,495 + vat



Our elitePILOT ™ Examiner Standardisation course is certified by the Civil Aviation Authority of the United Kingdom, iaw EASA FCL.1015 and delivered by the most prominent Tutors in the industry. This 5-day course is designed to transition experienced TRI/SFI candidates towards TRE/SFE authorisation.

Following successful completion of this initial standardisation phase, candidates will undergo a period of consolidation conducting live checks under the supervision of a qualified Examiner. The final Examiner Assessment of Competence (EAoC) will be conducted by a Licensing Training Inspector or Senior Examiner nominated by the Authority.

Duration: 5 Days

Theory: 23 Hours

FTD: 8 Hours

FFS: 8 Hours




Our elitePILOT™ simulator assessment prep session is designed to help build confidence for the big day. With a focus on developing your manual raw-data flying, building your scan, capacity and SA, we’ll provide you with the tools you need to manage the flight deck with confidence.

Our assessment profiles are designed to provide the very best preparation, but we’d be happy to tailor to your specific assessment needs.

Duration: 1 day

Theory: 1 Hour

FTD: 2 Hours

FFS: 0 Hours

PRICE: £600 + vat*

*£100 discount when combined with APS MCC or MCC/JOC Course



There’s no substitute for proper preparation – and if you want that job, you’ll need to ensure that you have the tools to deliver on the big day.

AirlinePrep are industry specialists in preparing pilots for competency-based interviews, group exercises, and scenario-based assessments, and they have partnered with us to provide career support for our pilots, either combined with one of our elitePILOT ™ training programmes, or as a stand-alone service. We include free access to ‘The App’ by AirlinePrep as part of this service.

Duration: 1 Day

Theory: 8 Hours

FTD: 0 Hours

FFS: 0 Hours

PRICE: £332 + vat

Our high-fidelity UK CAA (EASA) certified B737-800 Flight Training Device (FTD-1) located at our London Gatwick Training Centre is ideally positioned to support our customers.

Available at a fraction of the costs of a full-motion simulator, but offering many of the same training benefits, our FTD is fast becoming the training tool of choice for airlines and ATOs.

  • High-fidelity fully-enclosed replica flight deck
  • Flight Management System (FMS) with Worldwide LIDO navigation database (including updates)
  • Aircraft systems with full AFDS
  • User-friendly IOS
  • Level D fidelity control loading on all flight controls
  • High definition collimated mirror 200x40 field-of-view visual system with Level D image generator
  • Full climate control (flight deck and Instructor cabin)
  • Fully automated QTG with manual functionality

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