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We offer a wide range of (ATO) products and services; from our Airline Readiness Programme (APS MCC) to simulator fly-outs, external Instructional support to curriculum development. Our wide-ranging skill-set and talent pool enable us to provide high quality, flexible solutions that continue to meet our customers’ needs.

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FTA Global choose Jet Masterclass as their exclusive training partner for mcc/joC and aps mcc

We are very proud to announce our exclusive partnership with FTA Global based at Brighton City airport. FTA are industry leaders in the provision of high-quality training towards the issuance of professional pilot licenses and ratings (CPL/ME/IR/fATPL) with an unrivalled reputation for customer-focused, accessible pilot training.

Jet MASTERCLASS expand elitePILOT training programmes to include on-aircraft Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT) with industry-leaders Flight Performance Training.

Jet MASTERCLASS are pleased to introduce Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT) as an extension of our elitePILOT training programmes, providing pilots with industry leading on aircraft UPRT delivered by our training partners Flight Performance Training.

With the introduction of mandatory on aircraft advanced UPRT training in accordance with FCL.745.A from the 20th December 2019 pilots will have to complete this training prior to commencing their first type rating for single-pilot high-performance complex aeroplanes, single-pilot aeroplanes in multi-pilot operations and multi-pilot aeroplanes.

Flight Performance Training (FPT) takes a holistic approach that incorporates theoretical and practical training with the aim of building resilience within the pilot community. The training is delivered at FPTs dedicated facility at Brighton City Airport where experienced instructors will develop your Attitude, Skill and Knowledge in the classroom and the aircraft so that you can recognise and avoid upsets and when all else fails recover from.

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Our elitePILOT ™ training programmes are designed to provide the very best hands-on experience within the environment that you seek to operate. Whether that be the classroom or simulator, our Trainers will enable learning through a variety of techniques and media.

We understand the importance of immediate consolidation and our courses are designed with that in mind. We aim to develop well-rounded individuals with the tools to achieve excellence within their chosen environment and beyond. Our elitePILOT ™ training programmes are competency-based, aiding development of the necessary skills, knowledge and behaviours that will help you ‘stand out from the crowd’ in today’s fiercely competitive airline environment.



1st Jul – 13th Jul (MCC/JOC)

15th Jul – 20th Jul (APS add-on)

22nd Jul – 2nd Aug (MCC/JOC)

5th Aug – 10th Aug (APS add-on)

12th Aug – 23rd Aug (MCC/JOC)

26th Aug – 31st Aug (APS add-on)

2nd Sep – 13th Sep (MCC/JOC)

16th Sep – 21st Sep (APS add-on)

23rd Sep – 4th Oct (MCC/JOC)

7th Oct – 12th Oct (APS add-on)

14th Oct – 25th Oct (MCC/JOC)

28th Oct – 2nd Nov (APS add-on)

4th Nov – 15th Nov (MCC/JOC)

18th Nov – 23rd Nov (APS add-on)

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(Manor Royal, Gatwick Airport)

Our high-fidelity UK CAA (EASA) certified B737-800 Flight Training Device (FTD-1) located at our London Gatwick Training Centre is ideally positioned to support our customers.

Available at a fraction of the cost of a full-motion simulator, but offering many of the same training benefits, our FTD is fast becoming the training tool of choice for airlines and ATOs.

elitePILOT  Airline
Readiness Programme (APS MCC)

Our elitePILOT  Airline Readiness Programme (APS MCC) is designed to provide the very best training foundation from which to embark upon your airline flying career. Becoming an airline pilot requires so much more than raw flying ability; it requires discipline, yet flexibility; robustness, yet strong soft skills; decision making authority, combined with awareness of others…all at high speed and under pressure. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it…

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Your Journey,
Our Journey

It’s the journey that shapes us; our outlook, our behaviours, our ability to handle what life throws our way.

Very few successes in life are achieved alone of course, so we not only acknowledge our role in your journey, but also your undoubted influence on ours.

Together we will achieve excellence; and together we will no doubt overcome some hurdles. They will make us stronger; and will make the taste of success that much sweeter!

We look forward to sharing your journey, and welcome you to ours…

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