We are very proud to announce our exclusive partnership with FTA Global.

FTA Global, based at Brighton City Airport are industry leaders in the provision of high quality training towards the issuance of professional pilot licenses and ratings (CPL/ME/IR/fATPL) with an unrivaled reputation for customer-focused, accessible pilot training. It’s a very natural partnership as we share those same values – and FTA have selected Jet MASTERCLASS as their exclusive provider of MCC/JOC and APS MCC training, offering a seamless end-to-end solution for their trainee pilots to reach the impeccable standards required to secure that first airline job.


Pilots will undergo CPL/ME/IR/fATPL training through one of FTA’s integrated Flight Deck Programmes (UK or UK+Spain) and then join us for Multi Crew Co-Operation training (including Jet Orientation and Airline Readiness training) on our high-fidelity B737-800W simulator located at our London Gatwick training centre.

FTA and JMC will work seamlessly to integrate the required airline competencies, with valued co-operation from AirlinePrep – industry leaders for high-quality competency-based training and interview preparation. If you’ve chosen a more modular approach with FTA, that’s perfectly fine, as our MCC/JOC and APS MCC courses are made available to you through our exclusive partnership.


The cost of a high-quality, fully-integrated route to becoming a professional airline pilot shouldn’t need to be inflated – just because it’s integrated. Both FTA and JMC are committed to providing the highest quality, and most accessible route to securing that dream job, and we have built strong reputations for customer-focused training, which means the focus is on you, the customer, and we tailor our delivery to meet your needs.

We are excited about this partnership, not only because of the unrivalled product offering to our customers, but also the opportunity to supply industry with the highest calibre, most dynamic and resilient pilots possible.

“AirlinePrep are delighted to have been selected by FTA Global and Jet Masterclass to deliver career support for graduates of the Integrated and Modular flight training programmes. Graduates will all benefit from enhanced airline interview and assessment preparation ensuring that they have the skills and knowledge to be successful during interviews, group exercises, case studies as well as with the CVs and covering letters”.